Trapped 2 – Icelandic Thriller TV Series is back.

Trapped 2 – Icelandic Thriller TV Series is back.

Trapped 2 – mysterious deaths, rage bourgeoisie and right-wing extremism do not stop at the idyllic landscape of the island in the far north. In the new episodes of the success series from Iceland, Detective Andri has to investigate an attack. The Icelandic thriller series comes with colliding contrasts.

Epic landscapes, Icelandic horses, extremist activists

The detective from Reykjavík investigates in the countryside of sparsely populated northern Iceland. Sheeps to be herded riding Icelandic horses, snow-capped mountains and green hills. The barren beauty of the Icelandic landscape, interrupted by the cold steel structures of the aluminium plant, forms the visual framework for the brutality and willingness to engage in conflict of a society that has fallen apart in a small town in the north. In the town of Miklabergi, Andri has to explain the background to an arson attack on the Minister of Industry in Reykjavík. The minister survived the attack seriously injured. The attacker is her brother, a sheep farmer from Miklabergi. He has died following his attack.

Protection of the environment versus misdirected homeland love and greed

As soon as Andri (Ólafur Darri Ólafsson) arrives in the remote valley in the north, the beautiful area turns out to be the scene of a bitter conflict. He is supported by the local police chief Hinrika (Ilmur Kristjánsdóttir) and the policeman Ásgeir (Ingvar E. Sigurðsson who played the leading role in Of Horse and Men). Many of the community members are against the expansion of an aluminium plant with geothermal energy supported by the minister. They fear that foreign investors simply want to make a profit here and that boreholes in the ground will release toxic gases. A group of right-wing extremist Icelanders seems to be fueling the conflict in order to use the mood of protest for their own right-wing national goals.

Chases in the Icelandic plateau, gloomy pictures alternate with great landscape shots. Even clichéd images of Ritten riding Icelandic horses by the sea are served – apparently. It is a murderous extremist who chases through the sea on the beautiful Icelandic horse.

Contrasts combined to perfect crime thriller suspense in 5 episodes

Trapped 2 is an exciting thriller series in five episodes. It’s just fun to see thriller suspense combined with the charm of Iceland’s scenery. The seemingly contradictory united – the grace of nature and “evil”, commitment to the common good and the exclusion of “the others”. It is the dramaturgy of the small town that is perfectly staged in Iceland, presented in the thriller TV series.

For the second season, the director of the first season, Baltasar Kormákur, is responsible as creative director and producer.

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