Agnieszka Polska – The Demon’s Brain

The Demon’s Brain is a space-consuming video installation with picture book aesthetics. In 2017 Agnieszka Polska was awarded the National Gallery Prize. The artist was showing her resulting multi-channel video installation The Demon’s Brain at the Museum Hamburger Bahnhof in Berlin. Can art be cute?

Cowboys – Myth of the Marlboro Man

Dieter Blum – the Cowboys series in 2016 at Daimler Art Collection. The photo series Cowboys. The first shooting was photographed in the year 1992 by the photographer and artist Dieter Blum. In 2016 the images were shown in Berlin at House Huth during an exhibition by Daimler Art Collection. The photos came to existance as a test shooting for Marlboro. The series comprises a total of 57 photographs.

Rider By The Sea – Benno Berneis

Rider by the Sea, Benno Berneis, 1913. The large-framed painting forms the centrepiece of a room in the Berlinische Galerie devoted entirely to the rediscovered painter from the circle of the Berlin Secession as part of the collection: Art in Berlin 1880 – 1980.