Surfer: Mastering Turbulence

Surfer: Mastering Turbulence

The documentary Surfer: Mastering Turbulence is a film about surfing – but not in the typical sense. Action, best performances and trophies are placed in the background. It’s not about who can surf best or who rides the biggest wave in Nazaré.

Seemingly redundant – the rhythm of the ocean. Watching the beauty of the mighty waves is somehow hypnotic.

“The wind sweeps over the water and forms the surface into waves. One by one. They are alike, but none is really like the other. They build up, reach their peak, break and run out again. Far out on the ocean, the next ones emerge.”

The documentary is about life, the waves and the power of the ocean. All Protagonists have a different approach to the sea. A scientist, a shaper, surfers. At different locations around the world, waves are an important part of each of these people’s lives. The scientist measures and calculates them and is searching for the one formula. The shaper builds surfboards, he is looking for the ideal shape. The surfers face the forces of nature in search of the biggest or the perfect wave.

Big Wave Surfer in Nazaré

Right after the intro, the striking waves of Nazaré appear – the big ones that form in front of the cliff with the Forte de Sao Miguel, breaking at Praia do Norte. Once you have seen this mighty natural phenomenon with your own eyes, it is not unusual to be gripped by it forever. You want to return to this place again and again. Big Wave surfers often deal with gigantic mountains of water there, but what seems unthinkable for many people – to surrender themselves to such huge masses of water – is life for the athletes. The intensive experience of the moment.

The calm film about powerful phenomena not only explores the motives for riding waves, it also deals with the questions of whether they can be calculated or controlled at all. Surfer: Mastering Turbulence explores such questions in sophisticated camera shots, some of which are reminiscent of photographic art that deals with work space and industries.

A sensitive documentary film about waves

With captivating images of how surfers deal with the waves and an unobtrusive narrative style, the makers have created an exceptionally beautiful documentary film about loving the ocean.

The German 60-minute epic documentary had been available in the ARD media library for a long time but is not any longer.

Title image: SWR, SWR 2020

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