Surf Odyssey | The Culture of Wave Riding

Surf Odyssey | The Culture of Wave Riding

Surf Odyssey: The Culture of Wave Riding. Drifting into the blue and into impressions of epic landscapes. If you put the book with the many beautiful pictures out of your hand, you want to immediately start travelling, surfing, a nomadic life. The illustrated book shows an overview of the surfer world: from adrenaline rush of surfing big waves and cold water surfing in the far North to enjoying the crystal clear waters of Bali.

Surf Odyssey is the natural link between environmental responsibility and the thrill of surfing a wall of water. At the same time, the book comprehensively describes the favourite places of the unconventional surfer crowd. Breathtaking pictures by Instagram photo artists such as masters of water and outdoor photography. Portraits of the protagonists of the surfing community tell stories about wave riding and about a life away from social norms

More than palm trees and beach boy image.

Beyond all surf clichés lies an uncharted sea full of creativity and craftsmanship, a sense of community and independence. Surf Odyssey illustrates the contemporary surf culture to find nature in its purest existance, and the reward of finding oneself. The book is a platform for surfing girls in Bangladesh as well as it shows pioneers of cold water surfing, big wave surfing and well-known greats of the sport: Kelly Slater, who as a record champion often appeared in the focus of talented photographers what has resulted in impressive pictures from different places of the world; Big Wave Surfer Andrew Cotton from Great Britain and Hugo Vau from Portugal in the Irish winter. Not only the people well-known by the public are brought to the fore, the book is dedicated to surf enthusiasts of the global surf community. It shows the love for surfing in all its manifestations.

Surfer Pedra Branca, Tasmania – Big Wave Surfer – Photo: Stuart Gibson
Pedra Branca, Tasmania – Big Wave Surfer – Photo: Stuart Gibson
Kelly Slater surfing Ours, Australia – Photo: Morgan Maassen
Kelly Slater, Ours, Australia – Photo: Morgan Maassen

The book was edited by graphic designer Andrew Groves and published for the first time in 2016. Large-format photographs dominate the book – as signposts for a visual journey around the world. Grove’s own illustrations have graced the pages of publications such as The New York Times, Huck Magazine, New Yorker, GQ, Wired and Guardian. Andrew Groves, a passionate surfer himself, focused on surfing especially in the context of the outdoor lifestyle while creating Surf Odyssey.

A beautiful photo book for water lovers and surf enthusiasts.

Remote surf spots, spectacular photos, illustrations and craftsmanship: Surf Odyssey documents the modern cult of surfing as its own subculture and way of life. But “The Surf Culture” doesn’t really exist – there are many of those. The surf community consists of a multitude of individualists with different attitudes, motives, and very different objectives. But they all have in common: the love for their boards, the love for the nature of water and the enthusiasm to ride the wave – again and again.

Andrew Groves, Maximilian Funk, Sven Ehmann, Robert Klanten
Format: 24 x 20 cm, full colour, hardcover, 320 pages

Photos: Gestalten Verlag, cover photo: Sarah Lee

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