Samorin Horse – Gabor Miklos Szoke

Samorin Horse – Gabor Miklos Szoke

Samorin horse – made of steel. In Slovakia, at the Hippo Arena in Samorin, there is a huge work of art by Hungarian artist Gabor Miklos Szoke – a sculpture of a steel horse. The artist is known for his large-framed sculptures of animals, made from many individual parts that together form monumental bright artworks.

The artist works with different materials. For example, wood or stainless steel as in the case of the giant galloping horse in Samorin. The steel horse statue is currently the largest image of an entire horse in the world. Dynamic and powerful in its gallop, the horse appears thanks to thousands of individually manufactured steel plates, which together form the 8.30 meter high and 14.60 meter long work of art.

The representation of the movement of a horse is a great challenge for an artist. This motif appears again and again in various forms in the artistic work of Gabor Miklos Szoke

horse foot made of steel
The steel horse by night

“I have been interested in the motif, the anatomy, the representation of horses in art history since my childhood. I had made many horse sculptures and studies of horses, so I was very pleased when I was awarded by the Hippo Arena in Samorin. I chose a material that could correspond to the modern environment, be durable for generations and reflect the latest architectural trends – I chose stainless steel”, says the artist. Gabor Miklos Szoke continues: “My first objective was to capture the power and dynamics of a galloping horse, which I was able to achieve through intensive observation of its movements and the spatial arrangement of the steel elements. The Slovakian horse sculpture is my greatest exterior work to date”.

The horse of Samorin weighs 20 tons. A long planning phase precedes the creation of such a gigantic artwork. Static calculations are necessary to ensure that everything runs smoothly during the installation of the sculpture. One horse leg weighs 80 tons.

Samorin horse - made of steel
Texture of the Samorin horse

Gabor Miklos Szoke graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Budapest in 2010 and has participated in numerous group exhibitions since his student years. For the first time the artist made a name for himself internationally with his exhibition in Milan and with the great sculpture Hungarian Dog in Washington. With his idiosyncratic, expressive style of forming large sculptures, the subjects often are inspired by animal related fictional creatures, he attracted worldwide attention. The horse at the ultra-modern equestrian centre in Slovakia is certainly a milestone in his artistic work. With his campaign for happier pigs – an oversized pink pig in a tight cage – the artist drew attention to better housing conditions for farm animals at the Tollwood Festival in Munich in 2014. Sometimes poetic, sometimes radical – the gigantic sculptures by Gabor Miklos Szoke thrill the public in many parts of the world.

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