Polo-Retreat | Country Estate Near Berlin

Polo-Retreat | Country Estate Near Berlin

Polo-retreat near Berlin. Polo is a casual sport, especially when the whole thing takes place in an ambience far from all that luxury clichés. Schlossgut Schönwalde near Berlin has got style – its very own. Check in to beautifully designed rooms, relax between modern architecture and the charm of historic walls. Saddle up and get on the polo pony.

Once mounted, the English-schooled horse rider first notices that the aids used when riding polo horses are completely different. Lower legs forward, away from the horse’s body, to name just one difference. It is not that easy to balance oneself in this unfamiliar position on a galloping horse. A little practice with the experienced polo trainers at the Schlossgut and you’ll soon get it what you need to act with the polo the stick. For non-riders, it is good to practise the first basic polo techniques on Woody the wooden horse first. Learning to ride polo horses, however, seems to be easier for complete beginners than in the classical riding style, because the basic posture practised in polo is more like sitting on the horse in a carefree and natural way, whereas in classical English riding you first have to work hard to ride with the very special posture.

To be able to play like you see it in the picture below, you first have to hit a lot of balls and check out some rules. But in a training session you can already have a lot of fun and hit the ball across the large polo field. If you book a weekend workshop at Schlossgut Schönwalde, you will usually have your first little game by the end. Contrary to many assumptions, polo does not have to be the exclusive sport of the absolutely super-rich; the Schlossgut makes it possible with its Polo-retreat offerings to play and learn polo on rental and school horses.

Polo player and polo ponies at Schlossgut Schönwalde

Of course, beforehand there is also a lot to learn about the history, equipment, behaviour and rules for the protection of the animals and about the polo horses in general. English or Australian thoroughbreds and South American horse breeds dominate the scene on polo grounds. If you want to know more and try out polo yourself, head to Schönwalde im Glien, just a few kilometres west of Berlin, and experience a few days in the relaxed and friendly atmosphere of the Schlossgut.

It is also worth cycling out to Schönwalde for a coffee, stopping over in the Schlossgut’s beer garden and enjoying the restaurant’s culinary offerings. By the way, children don’t miss out either: Shetland ponies are available as partners for the youngest polo beginners.

Check in to your Polo-retreat discover Schlossgut Schönwalde and Polo:

Photos: (c) PferdKultur / Polo player: (c) Schlossgut Schönwalde

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