Planet Earth II – a documentary in surprising perspectives

Planet Earth II – a documentary in surprising perspectives

Planet Earth II – a nature documentary as exciting as a thriller. The BBC production often takes the viewer’s breath away: hard fighting animal protagonists trying to secure their own existence and that of their offspring. Scenes of the everyday struggle for survival of animals in extreme biospheres alternate with brilliant shots that reveal animals and their habitats in full beauty.

The brilliant documentary shows fascinating animal species on remote islands or on the world’s highest mountains, in the jungle, in grasslands, deserts – and in cities that are reconquered by the animals. As more and more people live in cities than in rural areas, PLANET EARTH II also focuses on the urban habitat and shows amazing survival strategies of animals in the urban jungle. With this outstanding production, the creators of the nature documentary celebrate the beauty of our planet and critically question how we treat it. It is fabulous to be able to listen to the wildlife documentary filmmaking legend Sir David Attenborough as a speaker. Each of the 6 DVD episodes contains a making-of, which tells something about the applied filming techniques and provides insights into the work of wildlife filmmakers. Amazing how athletic and adventurous this is. The appropriate background music for the documentary series was provided by multiple Oscar winner Hans Zimmer.

Wild horses, or mustangs in the deserts of Nevada in Planet Earth II
Wild horses – mustangs in the deserts of Nevada.

The BBC production PLANET EARTH, broadcasted for the first time in 2006, is regarded as one of the most successful nature documentaries of all time. Even more successful is PLANET EARTH II – the most popular documentary of the last 15 years in Great Britain in terms of audience ratings. And an impressive average of five million viewers followed the series every Sunday on German TV.

PLANET EARTH II surprises with perspectives that can only be realized with special camera equipment. The series differs from its predecessor in showing the earth from a God-shot perspective. Special drones create new perspectives from a very high angle. With the latest low-light cameras it is possible to film in the darkest night and in the most impenetrable jungle. The new episodes jump directly into the action. The camera eye moves with the animals, showing the world even from their perspective and lets the viewer participate directly in the breathtaking action.

Even a thriller can hardly be more exciting.

Release year: 2016

Images: Copyright (c) BBC NHU 2016 & polyband

Planet Erde II – Naturdokumentation
Löwe jagt Giraffe – Planet Erde II
Pferde – Planet Erde II – Naturdokumentation
Heuschreckenschwarm Making-of – Planet Erde II
Farbenfroher Vogel – Planet Erde II
Madagaskar – Planet Erde II – Naturdokumentation
Ladakh, Indien – Planet Erde II
Schneeleopard – Planet Erde II – Naturdokumentation
Antilopen in Ostafrika – Planet Erde II – Naturdokumentation
Tiere erobern die Städte – Planet Erde II – Making-of
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