Photo art – fast horses, silent forests

Photo art – fast horses, silent forests

Photo art. Andreas Brenner photographs horses – but it’s not about the kind of idyllic horse photography that decorates many Facebook posts these days, nor is it about photos for editorial use in sports reports – Andreas Brenner makes art and simply fascinating pictures.

Anyone who has ever been to an eventing cross country day knows the energy that the great eventing horses generate in the seconds when their hooves touch the ground after jumping a fence, starting off again at a fast gallop to bring themselves and their riders fast forward across the country. It is precisely this energy and the fascination of the powerful gallop, often found in thoroughbred type horses, that Andreas Brenner’s art expresses in such a vital way – puts it in a nutshell.

In many pictures the background is blurred to the point of abstraction – the photographs appear flat somehow, while the speed of the horses is emphasized.

Sam and Michael Jung by Andreas Brenner
Gorgeous George by Andreas Brenner
Gorgeous George
Kursus - Photo art by Andreas Brenner

Most of the photographs are black and white. Brenner’s photographic art is often exhibited in sizes up to 100 x 80 cm and can be purchased. The photographer and his works can be seen at equestrian events and selected trade fairs. Then you have the opportunity to see his artworks in large formats. Although the pictures bring the harmony and athleticism of the movement of horse and rider impressively to the viewer in digital form, the wish to see the pictures in full size soon arises.

Altano - Photo by Andreas Brenner
Ciervieto - Photo art by Andreas Brenner

The Eventing sport or better said, the heart of Horse Trials events – the cross-country phase – is a major focus in Andreas Brenner’s work, but there are also other subjects which make it into the focus of his lense. Of particularly strong expression are the photographs taken during horse races: Pure aesthetics of speed and muscle power.

More photo art and horse/art – Information on photos, prizes, prints and current exhibitions on the website or on Facebook.

Photos: (c) Andreas Brenner, with friendly permission

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