In My Room – German feature film

In My Room – German feature film

The movie’s title is reminiscent of a sad song by the Beach Boys, “In My Room”… “Now it’s dark and I’m alone, but I won’t be afraid, in my room…”. The film of the same name describes an apocalyptic scenario in which Armin seems to be the last human being. When he wakes up one morning, it is dead silent. The world seems to be the same as the day before, but humanity has disappeared.

The film begins with a scene showing a completely unsuccessful work assignment and the following confrontation with Armin’s boss. Then we see Armin nightclubbing, dancing away the frustration of everyday work. Armin is at least successful in bringing a girl into his apartment. But it’s not even enough for the one night stand – “well, then whatever”. The main character of In My Room is not young anymore, lonely, quite indifferent. Armin isn’t exactly the type of man who fights for something, He takes it as the case will be.

In My Room Filmsequenz - Armin auf dem Pferd
In My Room Film

“Like the main character Armin, I – and many others of my generation – grew up in a liberal parental home without any existential needs. After school, many choices were offered. Neither the choice of career nor the founding of a family were automatisms, the space for opportunities seemed to be unlimited. The feeling of being able to start anew at any time is just as much a part of my identity as the refusal to submit to materialistic logic and security thinking”. – Director Ulrich Köhler (Bungalow 2002, Montag kommen die Fenster 2006) created In My Room, a film about the frightening side of freedom. A film that in the first half follows its main character back to his hometown with agonizing realism. The audience watch Armin’s grandma die and Armin floss his teeth, even watching him watch the coffee pass through the coffee machine. Whoever has survived all this, then accompanies Armin go from the small town into the world without mankind, which can certainly offer some impressive apocalyptic pictures in dull beauty. The second half of the film shows how the man suddenly starts to build relationships. Armin begins to take on responsibilities – first the animals he cares for and he wants to fight for, until he meets the last existing woman.

Armin builds a living space for himself, takes care of the garden and cultivates a field with a horse plough. Sometimes he rides his heavy horse through the forest and abandoned villages. After an incident, he meets Kirsi.

Kirsi is an autonomous person who lives as a nomad in her van. After initial mistrust, a romantic relationship develops between Armin and Kirsi. But the question remains whether when the last man and the last woman meet, they inevitably have to become a couple.

In My Room is written and directed by Ulrich Köhler. Starring Hans Löw and Elena Radonicich, Patrick Orth is responsible for the camera. Pandora Film produced the feature film in co-production with Italian Echo Film, Komplizen Film, WDR and ARTE.

In German theatres from 8th of November 2018.

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