Iceland Lovely Home –  a very beautiful book

Iceland Lovely Home – a very beautiful book

Iceland – Lovely Home is the title of a book with personal stories of German women in Iceland. Not all of them emigrated to Iceland because of love or because of horses. However, the Icelandic horse has a very high status in its homecountry. The horses belong to the Icelandic culture and every traveller to Iceland will encounter them sooner or later.

The author Tina Bauer is a journalist and photographer who has lived in Iceland for some time. Her pictures express a deep connection to the impressive nature of Iceland and portray inhabitants and immigrants with respectful closeness. Anyone who reads Tina Bauer’s book will notice that it was created with great passion for the island in the far north and with great attention to detail. It is beautifully designed. Format, fonts and colours are carefully selected. The fabulous images and stories of the protagonists make you dream. Iceland – Lovely Home may give you the impetus to try something new, to do something with your own life that you always wanted to do, or simply to book your trip to Iceland.

Iceland Lovely Home - a horse and a German woman in Iceland
Iceland Lovely Home - Icelandic bakery
Iceland Lovely Home - a German woman on an Icelandic ship

Nadine, Sabine, Helga, Dorothee, Dörthe, Ruth…
14 life stories with ups and downs, great happiness and deep losses.

The motivation to start a life in Iceland, including hardnesses like cold and darkness, is different for each of the portrayed women. What they all have in common is a fascination for the island and also a character trait – courage for change. The policewoman and mother of three, who switched to the bakery trade; a studied cultural advisor, who founded a company with her husband, producing sweets and jam. A Duisburg woman fell in love with an Icelander and found her centre of life on the volcanic island. Some are also driven to live in Iceland by their enthusiasm for riding and Icelandic horses. Strong women with a lot of energy and creative power integrate themselves into a new society. They have found their place which is not generally easy and sometimes does not succeed right away.

The book is not a simple hymn of praise to emigration, it also shows the shadows of a life far away from home. To really gain ground in a foreign society requires patience and perseverance – even among the amiable people of Iceland. Wonderful pictures, the unobtrusive and not “clichéd writing” of Tina Bauer bring the reader closer to the individual everyday life of German women in a country that is known both for its magnificent natural landscapes and for its creative art, music and design scene, and of course this special five-gait horses.

The cover of the book Iceland - Lovely Home
ICELAND – LOVELY HOME Tina Bauer, tibauna Publishing House, 2013
Hardcover, 96 pages, 53 coloured illustrations

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Graphic concept, design, typesetting: Elke Maßmann

Photos: (c) Tina Bauer

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