Feature Film

Shine Your Eyes | Cidade Pássaro

Shine Your Eyes. “The idea to reinvent oneself, to shed one’s skin and start anew, has always been a luring fantasy, which I carried with me and that heavily motivated me to write this film.” Matias Mariani’s feature film premiered in the Panorama section at Berlinale 2020.

Woman at War – Icelandic feature film

Woman at War. After his first feature film Of Horses and Men, Icelandic filmmaker Benedikt Erlingsson brings to the theatres a humorous environmental thriller with an artemid environmental warrior as the title heroine. In Woman at War Halla declares war on the aluminium industry. She is prepared to risk everything to protect the pristine Icelandic highlands.

In My Room – German feature film

The movie’s title is reminiscent of a sad song by the Beach Boys, “In My Room”… “Now it’s dark and I’m alone, but I won’t be afraid, in my room…”. The film of the same name describes an apocalyptic scenario in which Armin seems to be the last human being. When he wakes up one morning, it is dead silent. The world seems to be the same as the day before, but humanity has disappeared.

The Adventures of Selika

The Adventures of Selika tells the story of a young African woman who was expelled by war and raised by a noble family in France in the middle of the 19th century. The film is the successor of the director of the award-winning short film “The Equestrian” with the dressage rider Carl Hester.