Experimental photography – Pferdetheater and the Roaring 20s

Experimental photography – Pferdetheater and the Roaring 20s

The Pferdetheater photo experiment. Photography under extreme light conditions with the artists of the Pferdetheater – a horse theatre. In September 2018, during the screening of “Tout le monde danse, tout le monde pense” in Berlin, photographs were created similar to painted pictures.

The lenses are high-tech, the photography is digital, but the theatre piece celebrates the Roaring Twenties – Charlston, Chaplin, and women on the move. The combination of technology, light and shadow, the acting, props and costumes in the look of the twenties created exciting pictures. In some of the photos, the artists seem to appear like ghosts of light or elves.

Pferdetheater 2019 Roaring Twenties
Pferdetheater Schimmelreiterin

Far from any conventional horse show, the artistic performance of the Pferdetheater is always a special experience – as a photographer and for the audience.

The ensemble of the Pferdetheater performs occasionally in Berlin and has its headquarters in Zirkow on the island of Rügen. It is regularly possible to watch the training and of course to attend performances depending on the programme. The Pferdetheater sees itself as a project in honour of the horses, under the guidance of Leon Vermeulen who trains the riders and horses to appear as beautiful and elegant dancers in their regular shows.

“The daily work with the horses includes the athletic training of the four-legged partners through dressage training, but also through the learning of circensic lessons. We take into account the individual needs of our horses, which are very different in breed, age, physique and character”.

All those interested are invited to watch the daily work with the horses. Every last Sunday of the month the audience and the curious can get an impression of the training of Pferdetheater horses and riders, if the weather is good – then outside, if the weather is wet – in the riding arena.

Current performances and information:

All photos of this series: www.simonefust.com/p879167425

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