De Hollandsche Manege in Amsterdam

De Hollandsche Manege in Amsterdam

De Hollandsche Manege – a cultural treasure in Amsterdam, is the oldest riding school in the Netherlands. Built in 1882, this special riding stable is still used by riding students. Riding in this special atmosphere, should be an exquisite experience for the riders.

The oldest riding school in the Netherlands was built in 1744. The present building was damaged and built in 1882 in the neoclassical style inspired by the Spanish Riding School in Vienna. A monumental portal welcomes visitors. The riding hall impresses with high walls, balconies and decorative elements. The ensemble of buildings by the architect A.L. van Gendt is an example of Amsterdam architecture. While visiting Amsterdam, nobody should miss this special piece of history of equestrian culture and architecture.

Dutch KWPN horses and ponies are available at the riding school. De Hollandsche Manege houses a collection of antique side saddles which are still in use: The group Vondel Carrousel shows with 12 horse-rider pairs a Quadrille – dressage tasks with music, ridden in historical costumes and side saddles.

A Bike in front of the entrée, above a drawing showing a horse
Views of De Hollandsche Manege in Amsterdam - Foto: (c) kg/PferdKultur
Views of the historic riding arena in Amsterdam – Foto: (c) kg/PferdKultur

Before starting a tour of the stables and indoor riding arena, visitors have the opportunity to learn more about De Hollandsche Manege in a film in order to get information about the riding school and the horses that live there. This place is a successful example of the synthesis of modern riding and the preservation of ancient traditions and arts.

De Hollandsche Manege
Vondelstraat 140
1054 GT Amsterdam

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