Oktoberfest in Munich – heavy horses, dirndls and barrels of beer

Oktoberfest, the Wiesn in Munich attracts countless visitors from all over the world every year with typical culinary delicacies such as pretzels and obazda, Steckerlfisch and of course, with products of local brewing art. The Oktoberfest offers people from Munich and the surrounding area a good two weeks of exuberant celebration of their traditions, wearing traditional costumes – dirndls and leather trousers.

Weingarten Blutritt | Equestrian Procession Of The Precious Blood

Weingarten Blutritt. Blood ride – that sounds a bit martial. But this is not a scene from the latest mystery movie. The Blutritt is an equestrian procession in honour of a blood relic. This kind of religious tradition is still celebrated today, mostly in southern Germany. For example, in Weingarten with about a hundred groups of riders. Around 3000 horses and riders process through the small Upper Swabian university town of Weingarten every year.