CrossCountry App

CrossCountry App

CrossCountry App – technology that inspires. This App is highly functional and provides a pleasing user interface. This fine app is not only a great support for professional eventing athletes, it is also highly supportive for amateur riders. The CrossCountry App helps to increase the safety of equestrian sports.

Designed for eventers of all levels – from beginners to Olympic riders – the CrossCountry App is an innovative development, an easy-to-use tool to replace the old measuring wheel while walking the course. Equipped with all kinds of technical refinements such as video, photo, text and sound commentary, this GPS-supported app offers pro- and amateur riders a lot more than just the function to record riding routes and memorize them. With the CrossCountry App you can easily document obstacles in detail and share them as photos on Facebook & Co. The recording of audio comments or the insertion of notes is an additional useful support for training at home or on competition sights. The app also can strengthen the preparation of young riders what helps to increase the safety.

CrossCountry App

With CrossCountry App Lite it is possible to download crosscountry courses from international eventing competitions, to view the course and get information about the individual obstacles. With the full version you get to see the real idea of CrossCountry App and to fully explore its capabilities: the recording of XC tracks including all obstacles. Afterwards you can send the recorded course by e-mail to share it with friends or publish it on the CrossCountry App website to make it accessible to eventing enthusiasts worldwide.

And this is how it works: Open the app, add ‘Course’, enter data like title, time, m/minute, start and start the recording. A coloured marker moves along with the track to show the distance you have already covered. At an obstacle you pause the recording and can take a photo, enter various information and comment with sound. It is very helpful for riders and their coach to discuss the difficulties of the course again later. Eventing riders can memorize the distances to the obstacles. By automatically setting the ‘minute markers’, the course is precisely recorded and subdivided. At the 2012 Olympic Games, the CrossCountry App was used in London with the Australian eventing team, event rider Paul Tapner and Clayton Fredericks – then coaching the Canadian eventing team – used the CrossCountry App. More and more international top riders appreciate the advantages of this equestrian app, as you can read in the references of the homepage. The German event rider Bettina Hoy has been working with the app for quite some time and Ingrid Klimke has already tried it out.

Already since version 1.3 CrossCountry App contains a very interesting function: ‘Location Aware’ – so you don’t miss a time mark when walking the course for the second time; if you click the localization arrow in the ‘Map View’, the pulsating blue ball goes, like when recording with a ‘Minute Marker’ and if you come close to a ‘Minute Marker’, a ‘Beep’ sounds, even if the iphone is locked in your pocket.

Map in the CrossCountry App

The typical maps of CrossCountry App can also be found on the websites of event organizers such as the British Richmond Equestrian Center or the Badminton Horse Trials. The interested visitor gets an interactive overview of the tracks and obstacles.

Amateur and trail riders or even carriage drivers can make use of this app just as much as international equestrian professionals. You can, for example, record the route during the ride and take photos in particularly beautiful or difficult places – this gives you the opportunity to put together a collection of favourite riding routes and share your routes with friends by e-mail.

On the associated web portal, helpful information and explanations as well as video tutorials are offered in addition to up- and download possibilities of various cross-country courses from all over the world. Another plus: the newsletter – definitely no spam, but valuable information to get the most out of this top app: tips for photo editing, links to tutorials and hints on recently uploaded XC courses.

Pictures: (c) CrossCountry App, with friendly permission, cover picture: (c) Simone Fust

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