Cowboys – Myth of the Marlboro Man

Cowboys – Myth of the Marlboro Man

Dieter Blum – the Cowboys series in 2016 at Daimler Art Collection. The photo series Cowboys. The first shooting was photographed in the year 1992 by the photographer and artist Dieter Blum. In 2016 the images were shown in Berlin at House Huth during an exhibition by Daimler Art Collection. The photos came to existance as a test shooting for Marlboro. The series comprises a total of 57 photographs.

This photographic images, which had never before been shown together, formed the basis for Blum becoming the best-known international photographer in this context. Mostly large-format and atmospherically staged, these photos of everyday cowboy life marked a milestone in his own work life gaining international attention. The exhibition at Potsdamer Platz in Berlin showed some of the images “we know”, while the other side of US cowboy life is also expressed.

Dieter Blum, Lonely (22), 1992 Pigmentdruck/Pigment print, Daimler Art Collection

In his photos, Blum gets very close to the cowboys. In the pictures he shows their everyday life, which they master closely with their horses. The camera follows the men at work, but also in the bath tub and in the pub – one would like to call it a saloon, even if neon light dominates the scenery. The modern cowboy obviously sometimes takes his horse into the pub.

The myth remains. But it is not only the image of the cowboy in the vastness of the landscape, immersed in the light of the setting sun, that defines it.

Dieter Blum, Wall Street Journal (2), 1992 Pigmentdruck/Pigment print, Daimler Art CollectionIMEX 21350 PR2 2687%

Since the 1960s, Dieter Blum has worked as a photojournalist for renowned magazines, including Time and Vanity Fair, German magazines like Der Spiegel and Zeitmagazin. As an advertising photographer and as an artist, Blum stages photographic series on subjects that he follows over long periods of time. Such as national cultures, dance, music, artists and models, politics and business. Blum has had a significant influence on product advertising and documentary photography since the 1980s.

The images in the series – Cowboys. The first shooting 1992 were exhibited until 6 November 2016 in the rooms of Daimler Contemporary Berlin in Haus Huth at Potsdamer Platz.

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All images: (c) Dieter Blum / Cover image: Dieter Blum, Low Clearance 1, 1992 Pigment print, Daimler Art Collection

Dieter Blum. Cowboys. The first shooting 1992. Foto: Hans-Georg Gaul Berlin
Dieter Blum. Cowboys. The first shooting 1992. Foto: Hans-Georg Gaul Berlin
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