Samorin Horse – Gabor Miklos Szoke

Samorin horse – made of steel. In Slovakia, at the Hippo Arena in Samorin, there is a huge work of art by Hungarian artist Gabor Miklos Szoke – a sculpture of a steel horse. The artist is known for his large-framed sculptures of animals, made from many individual parts that together form monumental bright artworks.

Horses, birds, light reflections – luminous art from Japan

Japanese artist Makoto Tojiki makes sculptures out of tiny LED lights. Tojiki gained attention in Europe with a work from the “No Shadow” series for the luxury textile manufacturer Hermès: the glowing orange horse galloped imaginarily through the halls of the Grand Palais in Paris during the Saut Hermes show jumping tournament in 2010. The artist’s more recent works, such as the cellist and the light installation Hope and Dream, appear even more fascinating.